Rules of the clan and forums!!

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Rules of the clan and forums!!

Post  Zaraki on Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:18 pm

Ok well first off I will go through the rules of the forums.

1.Don't post any Nudity pictures , Maleware , Spyware or any of that because we have to respect our forum hosting wishes and its kinda weird....
2.Respect other members Frist offence is a Warning than followed by a Ban the time on the Ban depends on what you have said to the other person.
3.Follow the forum / Threads topic don't go off into some Bull**** Lol.
4.Have fun :)

1.Respect all members no matter what thier style is.
2.Remember We accpect all styles aslong as they are Kind and Willing to learn more.
3.Have fun During membership in the clan.

/End Thread


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